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4 inspiring companies for excellence

At TiltSoft, excellence is not a choice, it's mandatory. It's a daily goal.
But it's not blah blah, it's true. Every company says this. But here is why we really do care about that: because we are demanding. And we are picky because some companies show us that it's possible, not just a vague conceptual slogan.

To set such a goal, we try hard to achieve excellence in product designs, usability, but also customer support. And we listen to the customers. The most valuable input you can get.
TiltSoft's founder, Steve Jordi, has 4 companies in mind when it comes to excellence:

American Express
Since 1998, Steve has been a customer, first in the US, then abroad. For 20 years, each time he had to deal with American Express, he was served by brilliant customer supports. Even when asking tricky questions (transferring awards from one country card to another one, having dual country billing addresses on the same card), the answers were 100% accurate. Even better, the customer representatives never had to put him on hold to search for a solution, they knew right away the exact details and drawbacks. That means they were professionals, knowledgeable. Steve never had one single problem with Amex in his entire life, only perfect relations. Steve never had to wait for an answer, it was always instantaneous. Steve never got one single wrong answer, it was always correct right away. Rare enough to be mentioned.

Thank you @Amex for defining excellence, we're trying hard to be that good.

#2 Federal Express (another Express!). Never ever a package/letter was late, lost, not traceable. All of the business with FedEx was accurate, right on time, reliable. Never failed. Customer support is also exemplary.

On the other end of the spectrum is DHL: since 1990, never got one single 2-day delivery parcel in less than 10 days, when not averaging 3 weeks!!!
FedEx tops everybody.
Thank you @FedEx for defining efficiency, we're trying to be as accurate and on time as you are.

#3 EagleCreek
Boy, this company proves that it's possible to hire designers and engineers with a brain. That means they actually use and test their own products refining them before selling them. Every detail has a good reason for being there, and every detail has been thought. Look at the Morphus baggage. Wow. It does everything promised on paper except it's even better than what they advertise. Smart, durable, amazing.
Bravo @EagleCreek, for defining quality, your products are a lesson of perfect and smart design.

#4 YNAB. Huh? YouNeedABudget.
Their software is so smart it can help anybody stop living out of reality and come back to what they actually can afford. But YNAB shines in its customer support. That's the most inspiring one for TiltSoft, also a software solution provider. YNAB has a real one-to-one customer relation. When you ask a question or submit a technical problem, you have a real person answering quickly to you with a personalized answer, not a copied/pasted generic answer.

When struggling setting up his initial budget correctly, that means changing his way of thinking for the best, Steve's budget made no sense at all. YNAB offered him to send them his budget file and some explanations of his problems. Within two days, he got the right answer. Not an email with obscure instructions or explanations. But a 4 minute-video screencast with his own data, his budget categories, his amounts, not a fake ACME company: his real data. The voice-over explanation was not hypothetical, It was the real meat, YNAB was talking about HIS budget, not A budget. Did we say they even did that for free? It's like having a personal private teacher.
Taking the time to help means that YNAB really cares about their customers. At TiltSoft, we have adopted screencast explanations for customers too.
Thanks @YNAB for redefining customer support, you're the inspiring customer experience we want to achieve.

These companies set the marks for excellence. TiltSoft has always them in mind when it comes to customer service and product quality.
Customers love to be treated well, not in a commercial way, but in a sincere way. And this pays off. For everyone.
When you like a company, you stick to it, you're loyal.
Businesses don't build a strong customer base with an email marketing campaign. They build it by caring about customers, quality and efficiency. 

We understand that you may have had disappointing experiences with one of those companies, but we share here our personal experience.


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