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Software solutions for assets management, time management and scientific environments.

welcome to tiltsoft
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We provide real applications: compiled, optimized, lean and fast.

We despise subscriptions-based applications so you're safe with us.

We DO NOT provide web interfaces solutions (software as a service), slow, clumsy and dependent on Internet connections.

We do native cross-platform software targeting Windows, Mac OS/X, iOS, Linux and Android with a focus on ease of use with intuitive graphical user interfaces, easy access to Internet Of Things devices (beacons, Bluetooth enabled tools), etc...

We produce ethical software

how we define software
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• You don't rent our software, you own it
• We do not impose subscriptions
• You pay for your software and have all minor updates for free
• You pay again for a major update, but you can skip it
• You don't need an Internet connection to use your software
• It may be required for synchronization, but you can work without Internet connection
• You own your data. We don't. We don't see it, we don't access it, we don't analyze it
• Our software are standalone applications.
• It is not web-based. It won't change overnight without warning

TiltSoft - Cross Platform Development For Windows, macOS, iOS, ipadOS and Android

We don't collect data from you, we present ours.
The only thing we register is counting which page is visited, but there is no information from you.