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TiltSoft™ Volcano is a specialized software for monitoring volcanic activities.
This software is not available to the common public, only on demand from official institutions.
With the advent of electronic boards and personal computers in the 80s, volcanoes started to be monitored in various fields (gas, seismicity, deformation, etc… ). At those times, scientists were geeks and each field required its own software, algorithm. If you were monitoring 10 fields, you had 10 software, and 10 different screens.
That's where TiltSoft™ Volcano changed the game: it was a central piece gathering all fields into 1 unique software, and customizable screens. No more switching from computer to computer or app to another app.

From this to that

TiltSoft™ manages all the hard work of handling data for you. It's just a few drag and drop away to configure and display charts.
TiltSoft - Software Development - TiltMeters volcano monitoring software for Windows

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